Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Off The Gaydar

I love gay men, I do. They are always on the cutting edge of style, they aren't afraid to tell you you look like shit and, "for God's sakes get your roots done". They are almost always super cute, great dancers, excellent cooks, and have amazing homes. They truly are better off than the average single woman.

But, as much as I just adore their style and attitude, I can't understand why the only cute guys giving me attention lately more than likely fit into the above category. While neither of these guys are "out" and trust me, they are old enough to just be who they are, there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that they are playing for the other team.

So is my gaydar off? Have I been spending so much time with one guy that I've lost my ability to recognize that the hot, single, wealthy, well dressed, over 35, never married guy with a great body that's flirting with me at the bar is in fact drooling over my TAG Alter Ego watch instead of me? I just don't know any more. All of the straight signs are there, sweet e-mails during the day, late night drunk texts, tickets to sold out events, but then I think maybe I'm just a fun time girl they know they can hang with who may attract a cute boy for them.

I just don’t' know, but I know my gaydar needs a little tweaking. I guess this will come with more time spent out being single and less time spent home being coupled!


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