Thursday, February 15, 2007

A Perfect Mess

Last Valentines Day I wrote about how Cupid could keep his arrows to himself, and how I didn't want any of that "mess" that came along with feeling pressured to make some gesture just because it was Valentines Day. Last year I went out to dinner with one of my very best girlfriends, we had a delicious meal, a few drinks, and it was better than just about any date I could have imagined. This year wasn't much different. I went to the gym, then to store, then I met a good friend for terrible Mexican food. It was just like any other day, well almost.

I received an early phone call from the FL-TBDL (to be determined later) boy, wishing me a happy Valentines Day. Then when I got to work the FL-TBDL had sent me an e-card telling me how much me misses me and how much he loves me and how he can't wait to see me this weekend. That's right, he's flying in tomorrow, and I couldn't be happier. Then right after lunch I received a Fedex package from him. As I tore into the box I realized it was roses from him. A dozen carefully wrapped, delicate flowers. After unpacking them, cutting the stems, filling the provided vase with plant food and cool tap water, I stood back to look at my work. It was a perfect mess. The buds are supposed to be pink. But they were in the damp packing foam so long they are more of a peachish, greenish, brown. They are molded, the petals are torn, they generally look awful, and I couldn't love them more. While I am upset he spent so much on less than mediocre flowers, it's the thought that counts in my opinion, and his thoughts were definitely on me all day yesterday!

I called to tell him how much I loved them and he ask that I bring them home with me tomorrow afternoon so that he could see them. I just hope they hold together that long! I know he's going to look at them and be disappointed. I know he's going to think he messed up big time by ordering them from an online flower service. But to me, the are just like he and I-a perfect mess!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This blog makes my head hurt. First you don't want the Florida boy then no then yes then no again.
Quit whining about all the choices you have and make a choice for once! By making a choice, I don't mean changing your mind two weeks later either. I'd be tempted to feel sorry for all the crazy drama if I wasn't frustrated at your handling of it.

9:04 PM  
Blogger Anne said...

Wow, that's a pretty bold comment for someone who won't even sign a name to it.

You think you got a headache from just reading? Try walking in my shoes for the past 5 months (even if they are super sexy and at least 4 inches tall).

I've had a hell of past few months, I've made some decisions, good and bad. And, because this is a blog and I do have certain people that know me that read it, I do leave out details.

So, the next time you want to tell me how to live MY life and to MAKE decisions, have the guts to at least sign your name. Until then...find something else to read, I don't need you or your attitude on my page!!!

Thanks and have a lovely day!!

12:56 PM  
Anonymous me said... thinking is that anonymous is good at making snap decisions. I say they've been involved in a divorce and I'd be willing to bet it was more than one. Bitter person right there. P.S. I've missed your blogs. Hope you are doing well.

10:36 AM  
Anonymous Kellee said...

Thanks for writing this.

7:53 PM  

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